Top Reasons Why A PG In Yelahanka Could Be Your Ideal Home Away from Home

Determining a suitable place to stay can be one of the biggest challenges when you move to Bengaluru. Renting apartments has become difficult because of rising rental costs and high deposits. Staying in PG in Yelahanka can be a great option. PGs offer shared living spaces where residents live together, share various amenities, and at the same time enjoy their own space and privacy. The following are the advantages of living in top-rated PG accommodations-

  1. Myriad options available- This area has girl-only, boy-only, and unisex PG accommodations. PG accommodations offer flexible stay options, allowing individuals to choose the room type and duration of stay that best suits their needs. One can opt for single, double, or triple occupancy rooms depending on individual preferences and budget. Opting for fully furnished rooms could benefit those who don’t wish to spend time and effort furnishing their accommodation. These rooms have the necessary facilities, such as spacious cupboards, cosy beds, attached washrooms, study tables, and chairs.

2. Home-like comfort- The top-rated PG accommodations in this area offer the residents a cosy and homely atmosphere. They provide delicious, nutritious, and well-prepared meals in hygienic cafeterias. Additionally, they provide efficient housekeeping and laundry services, allowing residents to concentrate on their academic or professional commitments. Residents don’t have to worry about managing the daily chores of running a household resulting in reduced stress. These accommodations are equipped with modern amenities such as high-speed internet, uninterrupted hot water supply, washing machines, and televisions in common areas for the convenience and comfort of the occupants.

3. Excellent networking opportunities- PGs house students from different educational institutions and young professionals from diverse backgrounds under one roof. Living with people from different regions and cultures can provide a unique opportunity to learn about and appreciate different traditions and customs. Residents can share meals in a common dining hall, watch TV in a recreational room, and participate in group activities. It fosters an environment of camaraderie amongst occupants, helping them establish meaningful relationships with one another and adjust to their new surroundings. Some PGs organize regular movie screenings, game nights, and many other events to cultivate community among residents.

4. Adequate safety and security measures- The best PGs in this area aprioritize the safety and security of their residents. 24*7 security guards, CCTV cameras and digital locks, and other security features are implemented to ensure the well-being of occupants and put their families at ease. 

5. Affordable living option- Yelahanka’s PG accommodations provide outstanding amenities and services at affordable rates, making them a budget-friendly option for students enrolled in nearby universities and professionals working in nearby offices. 

6. Convenience- All essential facilities, such as hospitals, malls, restaurants, cafes, etc., are situated nearby, enabling individuals to fulfill their basic requirements without traveling too far. One can access the nearest bus stop to conveniently commute to their workplace, college, and other city areas.

7. Learn essential life skills- PGs offer a shared living environment to their residents. By living in these accommodations, residents can enhance their communication, time management, organization, planning, and other interpersonal skills. Individuals can learn to adjust with others, resolve conflicts amicably, and acquire other valuable life skills.

8. Sharing common facilities- PGs offer the following facilities that occupants can share-

  • Shared living areas include a living room or lounge where residents can socialize, relax, and watch TV.
  • Kitchen/Pantry: PG accommodations often have a shared kitchen that residents can use. The kitchen usually includes a microwave, refrigerator, and basic cooking utensils. Having access to a kitchen can also allow residents to cook their own meals and feel at home.
  • Dining area: Many PG accommodations have a shared dining area where residents can eat.
  • Laundry facilities: A washing machine and dryer may be available for residents to use.
  • Internet access: Most PG accommodations offer internet access for residents to download movies and songs, for research work, play games etc.
  • Gym equipment: Some PGs have a shared gym room with all the training equipment for residents to exercise.
  • Recreational rooms: This type of room may have classic games like table tennis, pool tables, carom, pool table, foosball, chess, etc. Availability of these games may vary from one PG to another, depending on the size of the game room and the occupants’ preferences. 

The owner or an efficient management team maintains all these facilities for everyday use. So residents don’t have to worry about cleaning or fixing things in common areas.

Final words

In conclusion, living in a PG is an affordable and convenient option for students and young professionals. Living in a PG has many benefits, from social and cultural exposure to access to amenities and services and socializing opportunities. When occupants live under the same roof, they learn new skills, form meaningful connections, and improve communication. 

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