Still the Best in the Genre, but Isn’t It Time for a Change?

Perhaps the best that Microsoft’s IP library has for fans of realistic simulators and crazy racing. Forza Horizon 3 was good. Forza Horizon 4 was a masterpiece. Forza Horizon 5 is even better. But it is so similar to the previous two parts that, if it were not a completely new world, it could be confused with a remaster for next-generation consoles. If you are a fan of racing and games of other genres, the Game Karma platform will open up a whole exciting world of games for you.

What Is Special About This Game?

The main thing that distinguishes each new part of the cult race is the setting. We had Australia in the third part, Great Britain in the fourth, and now, we are invited to Mexico. To be honest, I am not thrilled with the choice of location, although I understand that, objectively speaking, the choice is excellent — this North American state offers the richest set of biomes. If Great Britain was beautiful but monotonous and even gloomy, Mexico is jungles, deserts, volcanoes, and snowy mountain peaks. Just for racing in the open world. But I, like many of my friends, was still disappointed that the rumors about Japan were not confirmed. But I will not lower the score of the game because it does not meet some personal expectations. Mexico is Mexico.

Impressive or Not?

Good or bad, the new part is not surprising. It all starts very epically, and the novelty competently demonstrates all the biomes and machines from the very beginning. I want to ooh and aah, everything is so beautiful. We went through all this. After the introduction, we are offered to sit behind the wheel of a supercar and ride the roads of Mexico, enjoying the views from the window. And we passed it. After 50 minutes, your map will be filled with hundreds of tasks — speed zones, speed traps, races, stunts, story missions … there is a lot to do. As before, all this diversity is even frightening. It seems impossible to “beat” the game in the traditional sense. And so it is: like a living organism, Forza Horizon 5 will live and develop in the next few years, growing with new additions, seasonal events, and other tinsel, without which a modern game service cannot exist.

A New Level of Graphics

The main thing that catches the eye is the graphics. Forza Horizon has always been ahead of the rest of the world in terms of the detail of the open world and graphics in general, and here, the novelty is not far behind. I know the release of Gran Turismo 7 is just around the corner, but so far, I find it very difficult to believe that it will beat Forza Horizon 5. The new one is really good when played on Xbox Series X, and there are two modes to choose from —60 FPS and 30. Both are 4K resolution, but the second mode offers a much more detailed picture.

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