How to Explore Paris in a Day

If you’re heading to Paris, you might be wondering what the best way to see as much as possible could be. How can you see as much of the beautiful and interesting architecture as you possibly can? What can you do to visit as many tourist attractions, museums, and restaurants as you can fit into a day and Explore Paris?

Hopefully, with a little bit of preparation, you can see a significant portion of the gorgeous and historic city, even if you have less than 24 hours to do so. Do you need a car? Is there any good luggage storage in Paris? Should you look into alternative ways to see the city? casino

Are Cars Necessary in Paris?

According to Trip Advisor, you probably shouldn’t be bringing your car into the city or renting a vehicle, as you likely won’t need one. Some explain that driving in the city simply isn’t very necessary, while others note that only a handful of Paris’ population actually owns and operates any vehicles.

So how does everyone get around the city? Especially as tourists? There are actually many options.

Paris is a bit of a biking city, meaning that many people prefer biking for their commute than a motor vehicle. Additionally, there are bike-share stands offered by multiple companies across the city, meaning that there should always be a few options available to you if you’re against walking on foot.

However, walking around Paris is also quite common, and there are many small cafes and sights to be seen within walking distance from each other. While you shouldn’t expect to walk from one end of Paris to the other in just a few minutes’ time, you can certainly see a lot of the city just by walking around.

There’s also plenty of public transportation available. While some tourists might turn up their noses at using buses or trains in favor of more luxurious travel options, it’s actually pretty common for most people in the city to use these alternate forms of transportation. Especially if you’re on a budget, knowing that car rental isn’t necessary can be a true breath of fresh air.

Is There Luggage Storage in Paris- Explore Paris?

Especially if you’re only in Paris for a day, you might be wondering what you should be doing with your bags. Luggage storage in Paris is one strong option to consider, as it is very convenient and relatively inexpensive.

There are several third-party companies who offer some sort of luggage storage in Paris, and some of these will even offer special discounts and deals to first time users of their services. For example, in some circumstances, you can reserve a space for your first bag for free.

In addition to the convenience, getting luggage storage in Paris is a small price to pay to keep your luggage safe. While you might think that keeping your luggage with you could make it so your valuables are safe and out of the hands of pickpockets in the city, this could easily be too much for you to reasonably focus on. 

Especially if this is your first time in particular parts of the city, trying to keep all of your bags within arms reach at all times could become quite a hassle. And rather than enjoying your day, you could still find yourself experiencing some of the stressors that come with worrying about the safety of your belongings and their proximity to your person.

Be Prepared for Smoke

Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products is pretty common in some parts of Europe, and this is especially the case in Paris and other portions of France. At least in comparison to other countries, like the United States, this can be pretty jarring for some.

For example, those with sensitive skin may deal with increased irritation and breakouts in acne. Additionally, people who have sensitive lungs or other breathing problems may want to stay away from areas with heavy levels of smoking, especially if they don’t have medication with them to soothe their symptoms.

Consider Setting Aside More Time

According to a blog by Kim Kim, especially those who are visiting Paris for the very first time should consider setting aside more than just a day to explore the city. It might be better to set aside as much as four or five days, just to allow yourself to get acclimated to the city and to see and do as much as you possibly can while you are in the area.

This will allow you to eat more food, see more art and architecture, and absorb some of the unique pieces of the culture into your memory more successfully. 

While this post is about how to explore Paris in just one day, it must be acknowledged that this is not an ideal way to see the city. This can make you feel rushed and keep you from feeling relaxed enough to actually enjoy your surroundings.

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