How Crypto Is Changing the Online Gaming World

Cryptocurrencies — and their underlying blockchain technology — have changed remarkably over the last few years for many reasons. Blockchains and non-fungible tokens allow gamers to own their avatars and game resources and use them in other games. Avatars now have an independent existence that doesn’t depend on a game developer’s largesse. Technology has advanced tremendously, and the decentralized ledgers employed in blockchains ensure interoperability of gaming resources in Online Gaming World.

The tech aspects of gaming two decades ago were weak when compared to today’s tech. Games appeared simplistic without the bells and whistles expected of online games today. New technologies like augmented or virtual reality were only theoretical possibilities that have now been realized. According to information published at, gaming has advanced considerably since the days when Super Mario spellbound young people with the simple effects of a 16-bit gaming console.

Factors Involved with Gaming Advances in Online Gaming World

Technology has miniaturized equipment and improved screen resolution dramatically. Today’s games offer a treasure trove of dramatic VR settings, emotionally charged situations and fascinating graphics to capture the imaginations of young and old alike. However, no advance has the potential impact of blockchain technology. It’s a whole new way of viewing the world, managing finances and ensuring security that apply to many digital initiatives and not just gaming.

Top Changes in Online Gaming

Connectivity and interoperability rank among the top changes that have evolved from blockchain technology. You don’t need to know anyone to play a game with foreigners in Istanbul or New Delhi. According to a post at, the top changes caused by blockchain in the gaming industry include:

  • Exploring the Metaverse The metaverse makes it possible to explore virtual worlds that appear realistic. Popular virtual worlds include Second Life, Entropia Universe and Project Sansar.
  • Better Role-playing Games Role-playing games, known as RPGs, are increasingly popular, and thanks to blockchain tech, these games offer a deeply immersive experience that often becomes addictive. The games can also bring groups together for building a sense of community.
  • Payment Options Crypto wallets keep your funds safe and can’t be stolen, and they make it easy to deposit money online from multiple sources faster than bank transfers or even credit cards.
  • Easy Pay-to-earn PossibilitiesModern video games have myriad potential transactions like buying a costume or accessories for your avatar. Players can buy new content, game resources or earn money because of blockchain technology.
  • Games Based on Real AssetsYou can even earn money based on real asset ownership. An example of this kind of game is Axie Infinity, an ethereum product that has attracted incredible attention and interest from worldwide players. It’s rapidly becoming the top decentralized app in the ethereum network.

Gaming Leads the Way to Crypto and Blockchain Acceptance

More and more people are using cryptos and blockchain-powered apps based on their exposure to the technology through gaming. It’s easy to monitor  markets and prices for most cryptocurrencies and learn more about the investing process. 


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