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Guide On Doing Boys Haircuts

If you love enjoying every moment of life with your son, you may as well take the opportunity to do his haircut. Cutting your boy’s hair is easy as long as you have the proper tools and you know the style you are exactly going for. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional. What really matters is having the proper guide on doing boys haircuts and the determination to learn.

Most boys’ hairstyles require a fade blend for the sides and the back. This requires understanding different clippers’ numbers to come up with the required finish. Always start with a big clipper’s number, especially if you are a beginner, in order to leave room for correcting mistakes. The following is more on what you need to know to do boys haircuts on your own.

  1. How to Cut the Hair

Cutting any boys haircut depends on factors such as the style you are looking for as the final result.  Any style is determined by factors such as hair texture and length.

There are different cutting methods that you need to explore based on the nature of your little man’s hair. If you are a beginner, you don’t need to be too scared of making mistakes because you can rectify them by giving him a buzz cut as an alternative.

When cutting the hair short, you will require different clippers in order to achieve a fade and blend it perfectly effortlessly. You need to ensure that the fade has properly cooperated between the sides and the back with the longer hair on the top.

When cutting the hair, you should first consider practicing cutting the hair with scissors and a comb. When doing the cutting, you should focus on factors such as what your son wants since, at the end of the day, it should be to his liking.

You should also consider your son’s hair type since some types go well with certain haircuts while others don’t.


2. The Cutting Process

When cutting the hair on the sides and the back, you should follow the natural hairline for the best definition. You can use a pair of scissors to trim the hair around his face and ears. 

When cutting the hair around the ears, you should consider including the sideburns and also ensure that the hair is combed downward to allow you to follow the natural hairline around the ear.

When cutting the area near the ear, you may need to slightly fold the ear to achieve easy access to the ear and the hair behind.

When starting with the top for any boys haircuts, you should start by slightly wetting the hair clippers with a sprayer and combing the hair downwards. When doing the cutting on top, it is important to hold the hair between the ears and trim it beginning from the tips.

3. Cutting Bangs

If you are considering bangs, you should comb the hair down and ensure you trim it to an equal length across the forehead.

Use a comb and your fingers to ensure you achieve an equal length. You can lift the hair upward from the point of the hair you want to remove. You should ensure that you cut along the line you have created with your fingers and note that the hair below your fingers is what will be left after the trimming.

4.  Cutting the Back

Once you have achieved the desired length on the top, you need to start working on the back for proper coordination.

You should comb the hair at the back downwards and do the cutting in a downward direction. You should use trimmers to cut the hair on the neckline. If the trimmers do not work well for straightening the hairline, you can opt for a razor and shaving cream to get the perfect line.

5. Cutting Layered Haircuts

One of the major reasons you may need to cut layered boys haircuts is to add extra volume and texture to their hair. Layered haircuts create an illusion of thick hair in case your son’s hair is the thin type. Blending the layered styles with fades maximizes flow and movement.

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