Five laid-back mobile games to play while watching movies

Let’s face it, while movies are capable of capturing our attention for a couple of hours, it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes a slow plot can lead people to scroll through social media on a smartphone device, while some terrible acting can result in a game being immediately loaded up on a tablet. It’s understandable. 

One of the most common ways people supplement their movie-watching sessions is by playing a game on a tablet or a smartphone device. Android games are a particular favourite given the array of titles that can be downloaded and fired up with ease in minutes. Some games help an awkward kissing scene move faster, while others are capable of being played at the same time as an epic action sequence as you tap away on your tablet device. Essentially, Android games typically serve up a casual gaming offering that works perfectly alongside watching a movie.

Brotato is a fun game to dip in and out of 

Of course, if you’re watching a movie, you don’t want a game that is hugely detailed and requires your full attention. That’s where titles like Brotato work so well alongside a movie binge, with this potato-themed masterpiece entertaining gamers everywhere. Playing as a potato that can carry up to six weapons at a time, players have to destroy as many aliens as they possibly can. A fun game to dip in and out of, Brotato is a brilliant title. 

Hocus. is a great indie puzzle game

Offering over 120 levels to get past, hocus. is a fantastic game to watch alongside your favourite films. Featuring a minimal style, this indie release challenges players to guide a cube through a selection of testing optical illusions. Puzzle games like this appeal to movie-watching gamers, largely because they’re fun and entertaining but also because they don’t require your full attention while watching the latest Hollywood release. You can even design your own levels in this one, too. 

Genshin Impact is a visual masterpiece 

Although exploring the world of Teyvat throws up plenty of surprises and a glorious dose of visuals, Genshin Impact is a game that you can play at your own pace. As such, if a surprising sex scene or an action-packed moment captures your attention, then you don’t have to feel guilty about neglecting the game for a few minutes. In Genshin Impact, gamers explore a huge open-world environment while completing quests and taking part in the game’s engaging storyline. In terms of its visuals and artwork, Genshin Impact is easily one of the best Android games around. 

Anaconda Wild 2’s Mayan theme is perfect 

If you’re after something a little bit different, then Anaconda Wild 2’s Mayan theme is the perfect solution. Ideal for watching alongside a Mexican-themed movie or a film shot in the jungle, this popular themed slot product is capable of keeping you entertained during the most forgettable of movies. A 6-reel, 4-row machine that offers 50 paylines, players head deep into the jungle in this one and experience a well-liked product that is packed full of color. Alongside the game’s vibrant design, Anaconda Wild 2 isn’t too complicated to grasp either. 

Path of Giants is a unique puzzle release 

A slick puzzle release that pairs beautifully with a romantic movie or a period drama, Path of Giants tasks players with controlling three characters as they aim to get the creatures through each challenging stage. As the stages progress, the difficulty level does too. A game that has been created to play in bite-sized sessions, Path of Giants is a unique game with plenty to offer. 

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