Everything You Need to Know About Cricket T10 League

Undoubtedly, cricket has been on the rise since the time it came to light. Things have been exciting for the sports fanatics, from the size of bats to the length of the game.- Cricket T10 League

The T10 format is a brand new inclusion to cricket formats and has consistently acquired fame with every occasion. It was organized by the UAE in the year 2017 and so was known by the Abu Dhabi league since then. It is a Ten10 cricket association that is managed and possessed by T Ten Sports Management. The association is supported by the Emirates Cricket Board.

The foremost season of the T10 Cricket League took place in 2017 at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

There are a number of distinct elements that make T10 different from T20, ODIs, and Tests, despite the fact that T10 is like every other cricket format a battle between bat and ball.

Here is a quick guide to help you understand how Cricket’s T10 is played.

T10 Cricket Rules:

  • 10-overs-a-side

Each team has a maximum of 10 overs to bowl, which forces batters to attack from the first ball. T10 allows batters very little time to settle in, necessitating new methods and an aggressive approach in order to post a respectable total, adding to the thrill and adrenaline.

Each team must complete their quota of 10 overs in 45 minutes.

  • Two overs per bowler

In an innings, no bowler can bowl more than two overs. This leaves bowlers with a limited margin for error and little time to vary their deliveries or set up the batters. However, hitters will have fewer opportunities to target a specific bowler and gain runs, resulting in a more even battle between the batting and bowling teams.

  • Minimum overs

If it rains or if there are any other delays that cause the match to be cut short, the result can still be determined if each side can play 5 overs each.

Cricket's T10 League

  • Powerplay for 3 overs- Cricket T10 League

Field limits are put in place to make the game more intriguing by allowing batters to flex their muscles right from the start. The bowling side can only use two fielders outside the 30-yard circle for the first two overs.

Another powerplay, known as the floating powerplay, can be taken at any moment from the third to the ninth over at the discretion of the batsmen at the crease.

Outside the 30-yard circle, up to five fielders can be deployed in non-powerplay overs.

  • Super Over

In the event of a tie in a playoff match (Qualifier and Eliminator) and the Final, a Super Over will be used to break the tie. With two wickets in hand, each team will be given one over to score as many runs as possible. The team that scores the most runs in the six balls allotted to them wins the game.

If a playoff match’s Super Over results in a draw, the team that finished higher in the group stages is proclaimed the winner. The Final, on the other hand, will feature Super Overs until a champion is determined.

Indian participants

No ‘Indian cricketer’ can play in the event until they formally retire from international and domestic cricket, as the league is not recognized by the BCCI.

Tambe made history by becoming the first Indian to play in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) with the Trinbago Knight Riders in August 2020. (TKR). He was then dismissed from his IPL contract due to his participation in a league that was not sanctioned by the BCCI. The 49-year-old made his IPL debut in 2013 at the age of 41, appearing in 33 games and taking 28 wickets.

Ishan, a spinner selected by the Arabians, appeared in one IPL match for the Deccan Chargers against the Delhi Daredevils in 2011. From 2008 to 2019, Gupta, who was selected by the Deccan Gladiators, played domestic cricket for Uttar Pradesh and Railways.

In the third edition played last year, Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan both participated while S.Badrinath and Munaf Patel have also played the tournament before.

T10 teams

Here’s a list of highly efficient and competitive T10 teams:

  1. Bengal Tigers 
  2. Kerala Kings/Knights 
  3. Maratha Arabians 
  4. Pakhtoons 
  5. Punjabi Legends
  6. Team Sri Lanka 
  7. Sindhis
  8. Rajputs 
  9. Qalanders 
  10. Karnataka Tuskers/Pune Devils 

There are many great players or retired players who have joined these teams and this league.

Where to watch T10 matches?

From Monday to Friday, there will be two matches per day, with play starting at 2 pm BST (6 pm local time) and 4 pm (8 pm local time). Saturdays and Sundays will feature three matches, with play beginning at 12 pm BST, 2 pm BST, and 4 pm BST (4 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm local time).

FreeSports (Freeview channel 64/Sky channel 422/Virgin channel 553/BT TV channel 64) will offer full coverage for fans in the UK. 

Viewers in India can watch the tournament on Colors Cineplex (in both English and Hindi) and Rishtey Cineplex (Hindi). The T10 League will also be streamed on parimatch where you can watch and place live (in-play) bets.

Willow Sports have broadcast rights in USA and Canada while SuperSport will provide coverage in South Africa.

In the UAE and MENA nations, AD Sports and Sony Max will broadcast the T10 League.


It is quicker than t20 leagues and lasts for ten days, with 29 matches, two elimination rounds, and the finals. In each inning, there are ten overs. Only one 10-minute break after the first inning for each bowler.

In simple words, you just need to think of T20 cricket and divide everything by half!

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