A comprehensive guide to surgical options for penis enlargement 



When we think about penis enlargement surgery we think about making the penis longer and making the penis thicker. In modern day penis enlargement surgery most men choose both options at the same time. This is because they want the penis to be as big as possible, and the best results do come from having both the lengthening and thickening surgery together. Of the patients who choose not to have both the lengthening and thickening surgery together, almost all the remaining patients will choose to have the girth surgery. The reason for this is that sex experts tell us that the girth aspect of the penis is the most important part in heterosexual relationships. Of the few requests we see for length only surgery this is often requested by gay men.

Penile Lengthening Surgery

An important aspect to understand about penile lengthening surgery is that the penis cannot be made longer in the erect length. We stress this point to patients as much as possible so that there can be no doubt about this point. However, when it comes to penis length most men are concerned about the length of the penis when it is flaccid. This is perhaps because when the penis is flaccid it is at its smallest, when it is erect it is at its biggest, a comment we hear a lot from penis who are not happy with their flaccid penis. The penis made longer by division of a ligament that is attached to the penis and the pubic bone. This is a ligament called a “ suspensory ligament”. It is a thick fibrous structure that keeps the penis upright when the penis is erect. When the ligament is divided, it allows the penis to push forward and thus revealing hidden length. 

Typically, the penis is lengthened by one to two inches, but results do vary slightly from patient to patient. Not every man has exactly the same increase, but results are somewhat predictable. After the penis has been lengthened , a barrier is created to help stop the ligament attaching itself again. This is important because if this happens the penis will shorten again. If the ligament attaches higher up the penis can be shorter than it was before !.

Innovative Techniques

Moorgate Andrology have developed new techniques that avoid the use of silicone implants for the same purpose. Silicone implants needed to be removed in the event of infection and they sometimes migrated and caused a visible or palpable bump in the pubic area. At the time of writing, Moorgate Andrology are the only penis enlargement clinic that adopts this new technique.

Girth Enhancement Options

The other aspect to this surgery is increasing the girth. When it come to penis girth enhancement options then there is a choice between a penis girth fat transfer and penis fillers using hyaluronic acid. In almost all penis enlargement surgery operations, the choice of the girth aspect is an easy one. Almost all patients opt for the fat transfer. This is because the girth fat transfer is considered permanent as is the penile lengthening surgery.

The only time a penis fillers would be used together with a penile ligamentosis surgery is when the patient has not enough fat for a fat transfer. This situation is rare because fat can be harvested from both the belly and inner thighs ( the inner thighs having the best quality fat of all ). Most men have enough fat between these two areas.

Post-Fat Transfer

After the fat has been harvested in a small liposuction, this fat is then put through a purification system that removes debris from the fat before it is injected into the penis shaft. It is important to know that the fat cannot be injected into the penis glans ( the head of the penis ). This is because fat does not work well in the head. Penis fillers can be used to augment the glans of the penis, but it is a risky procedure.

After the fat transfer it is normal to experience some initial absorption of the transferred fat. Not all the fat cells survive the journey, even though the fat has been purified. However after three months the remaining fat survives and gains in penis girth will then be permanent. Typical penis girth gains are between one and two inches depending on the absorption factor in the beginning.

Recovery time for penis enlargement surgery

It takes about six weeks for full recovery after penis enlargement surgery. Most men think this is worth it as the penis enlargement surgery offers the opportunity to increase penis size by the maximum possible. 


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